Our Purpose

i am VolunTourismSM provides an opportunity to "give forward" through travel and community-based volunteer activities that empower underserved and at-risk communities.

Sebastian & Steer Town Child I Am Literacy Program Sidi And Friends Jamaica Dance Camp Jamaica Tai Chi Training I Am Soccer Fit Camp Jamaica Soccer Camper
Everyone has a skill that is rare and valuable, join us and discover how you can make a difference by sharing your gifts while you travel and explore.

Imagine underserved and at risk young persons every summer, holiday, weekend and during after school hours being able to participate in a safe, organized training program. Imagine a program that is designed to motivate, train and mentor student athletes to actualize their dreams for higher education. Picture a camp model that empowers and rewards student-athletes, and skilled volunteers willing to give back their knowledge to underserved and at risk young persons around the world.

Our Travel and Train™ Camps unify children, adults and communities with different cultures, norms and values around education, service learning and sports-based principles.

These camps are results oriented and bring skilled resources, coaches and academians in direct contact with a wealth of under resourced participants thereby creating opportunities for co-learning and scholarship globally.

This is a great way to engage international communities with fitness, wellness, educational values and opportunities that are at the core of American culture while fostering greater understanding and appreciation locally and internationally. Our sports ambassadors can change and influence a more positive social and political outlook on the United States. This is a great way to build international relations at the grass roots.