What is i am VolunTourism?

i am VolunTourismSM is a social enterprise that provides volunteering, travel camps, service learning and study abroad opportunities globally. We have built volunteer networks across the Caribbean, Central America, United States and Canada to support our training programs which are delivered in camp, clinic and workshop formats. We began offering our volunteer travel services in 2009 and have since expanded to include programs catering specially to students.

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Chris Rose - Founder

Chris Rose, Founder

Mr Chris Rose is the founder and Executive Director for i am VolunTourism LLC in the United States, Canada and Jamaica. He took office on 1 January 2011.

Chris Rose is an economist, educator, retired professional soccer player and collegiate athlete. He is a graduate and former assistant coach (1995 - 1998) of St. Lawrence University (1995) and is now working toward a Doctoral degree in Higher Education and supervision.

In 1994, Mr. Rose studied developmental economics and African politics on a study abroad, service-learning experience in Kenya and Tanzania that transformed his life. There he studied with University of Nairobi professors, lived with host families in Nairobi, Taita and Samburu, where he was submerged in cultures with over 40 languages and dialects. He worked as an intern with Barclay's Bank and volunteered in Samburu Village, developing on community infrastructure projects.

From 1996 - 1998, Mr. Rose returned to Graduate school at St. Lawrence University, to pursue a Masters in Education. There he was challenged by his Professor Dr. Hall, to develop an education model that is self-sustaining and relevant to the social, technological and economic fiber of emerging communities.

From 1998 - 2002, he embarked on his passion for sports and education, playing and training as a professional soccer player with clubs such as the Miami Breakers, Miami Fusion, and Arizona Suharoz, but had his career shortened by injuries. He then set his sights on teaching the 'beautiful game' and being a mentor and life coach for at-risk and underserved student athletes.

Chris Rose Coaching SoccerIn 2003, Mr. Rose returned to Jamaica and co-founded Instructional and Motivational Company (I AM) Foundation a camps-based, non-profit education organization based in Jamaica. He was the director of I AM Camps and have successfully recruited, trained and motivated over 1000 underserved student athletes from inner city and rural communities in Kingston, Jamaica, San Salvador, El Salvador, and Phoenix, Arizona towards their higher education and career goals.

Again in 2007, he created and co-founded the ARK ANGEL NETWORK, an Arizona based 501 (c) 3 and served as a director on the board from 2009 - 2011. As the director and vice-president of the ARK Angel Network, he was in charge of identifying national and international partnerships and program activities relating to the funding and operational needs of At-Risk and under-served youths and communities globally.

Currently, Mr. Rose is the Founder/ C.E.O of i am VolunTourism and Director of Player Development/Coach for the i am SoccerFit academy based at Doral Academy, Florida. He has established centers of Operations and i am VolunTourism chapters at Doral Academy Preparatory school, Florida International University and St. Lawrence University. He oversees the development of volunteer networks, sports ambassador programs, service learning projects and study abroad programs to local and overseas communities.

Chris Rose was recognized by the New York Times as an athlete, recruiter and mentor (1999) and again in the Washington Post (2010) for his accomplishments with i am VolunTourism and the 'Sports Ambassadors' program he created.