Care & Community Programs


Programs and fees include: Programs and fees do not include:

Gain Service-Learning or independent study credits hours for training and volunteering in any one of our Camps or Community projects:

Spend 4 days volunteering in a community camp, restoring a school or home, tutoring children in reading and math, or Build Your Own Program to 'give forward' and get 20 - 40 service learning hours and or internship/independent study credits.

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NOTE: Early bird registration discounts and payment plans are available. Enquire about our 'campership opportunities' and fundraisers for your travel.

IamVoluntourism GLOBAL Youth Leadership Program is a Multi-disciplinary, leadership training, cross cultural exchange program for high schools, college students and adult mentors, instructors and tutors.

The aim of the Global youth Leadership project is to build human capital, create a leadership culture in our teens globally, foster social development, entrepreneurship, and cross cultural exchange through art, drama, dance, and sports.

Participants travel abroad, locally, and across the United States to gain firsthand knowledge of local and foreign cultures; while examining globally significant issues, such as sustainable energy, the environment and climate change, food security and nutrition, the role of the media, entrepreneurship, science and technology.

Volunteers will be involved in the following scheduled activities with the children:

Volunteers will plan and implement both indoor and outdoor games including soccer, hide and seek, and treasure hunts.

Workshops and clinics

Volunteers will be trained and or required to deliver the following workshops for our communities:

At the end of each 10 day outreach there will be a mini-concert, sports tournament, and an arts and crafts exhibition where the children will get to showcase their talents and their art pieces. Volunteers will also get to perform their own talent alongside the children at this mini – community event.

The IamVoluntourism Global Youth leadership programs involve:

Volunteers on this project will dedicate their time to helping disadvantaged children by running a summer camp with skills workshops and clinics that empower the entire community.

Community Care

Participate in projects that involve fixing up homes for seniors, building homes for single mothers, painting a community center, creating murals, fixing up a school, and or sharing organic farming practices.

Volunteers needed:

If you are a carpenter, plumber, mason, librarian, coach, environmental researcher, retired, active or student nurse, you will enjoy participating in these community-based Care projects and 'give forward' the gift of Care.

We invite environmental specialists, researchers, clubs and building organizations to help us understand, tackle and reverse some of the hazardous environmental and development trends affecting our communities.

Be a part of a real Jamaican experience while making a positive impact!

Community Care Program Dates

We offer camp sessions that are usually 1-week long (7 days). You can also sign up for 2 or 3 week sessions. FamTours, short for 'familiarization tours', are also offered. Visit our FamTour page for details.