Volunteer Ambassador ProgramsSM

The S.A.L.T. Programs in Jamaica during the Summer of 2014 will provide an opportunity to "Give Forward" through service-learning and study abroad projects in the following:


Volunteer AmbassadorsSM is a multi-disciplinary leadership program that empowers volunteers through developing and matching needed skills with approved community projects. Our high quality training and mentorship programmes build the next generation of global citizens in local and international workshops and travel camps that teach the value of 'Giving ForwardTM'. Volunteer AmbassadorsSM lead the way to sustainable communities by developing human resources and promoting social responsibility.

We empower under-served and at-risk communities by promoting volunteer activities that help develop human capital.

Everyone has a skill that is rare and valuable and a gift of talent is appreciated worldwide.

Join us and discover how you can make a difference through community empowerment.

Indigenous Cultures and Communities

Experience the preservation of African traditions with the indigenous Maroon community in Jamaica. This cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary experience, will allow you to work, live, and play with members of the indigenous Maroon community. Projects will include: Teaching, IT integration, building, sports programs, Creative & Performing Arts.

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The agricultural and farming project in Jamaica provides hands on experience working along side local farmers. From novice to expert, volunteers benefit while empowering farmers in a sustainable community focus role.

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Care & Community

Join our S.A.L.T. global youth leadership program and help create camps for disadvantage and under-served kids from orphanages, low income, remote communities across Jamaica.

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Volunteers are needed in Jamaica to work on Sustainable Building Projects that includes the construction of cabins and centers for volunteers that supports sports, education, research, training, and workforce development in under-served communities around Jamaica.

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Volunteer Teachers Across Jamaica

Teach across Jamaica in schools, camps, and workshops in areas of your passion and expertise. You can work in programs with children or adults. We have a need for development in the areas of the English and STEM.

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SPORTS & Wellness

Sports and Athletics is the dominant culture for young people in Jamaica. Its has been the tool used for accomplishing educational and economical goals. Help us develop one of our greatest assets. Volunteer in our camps, school, and our community outreach programs. Bring and "give forward" sports skills in: soccer, track & field, lacrosse, volleyball, and any other area of your passion. -Student Athletes

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Tree Planting Project Tree Planting Project Tree Planting Project Tree Planting Project Tree Planting Project

To date 4500 trees have been planted and our goal is to have our Volunteer AmbassadorsSM plant 100,000 trees over the next 2 years in Miami and Jamaica.

This planting was in the Virginia Keys, Florida. We planted 1500 trees on December, 1, 2012 and on December 8, 2012 in Matterson Park, Coral Gables, we planted 3000 trees.

This project has "Volunteer Ambassadors" ages 5 - 80 years old. It's a perfect event for the entire family.

We are also raising funds of $1 per tree planted by our Volunteer Ambassadors to support our Empowerment Camps for At Risk and Underserved student athletes in Jamaica.


Re-claim the Earth:
Native Tree Planting Project

Join us and the Miami Science Museum to "re-claim the earth" in the Annual Mangrove Restoration Project!

This Project aims to empower "Volunteer AmbassadorsSM" to plant 100,000 native trees in partnership with the Miami Science Museum and other local agencies in Florida and Jamaica. Help us raise $1 dollar per tree planted by the 'I am Volunteer Ambassadors'.

The mangrove propagules have been growing steadily in their eco-art installations and are now ready to return to their natural home.

We invite you to our mangrove re-planting event where you will help us reforest mangrove habitats one seedling at a time!

Why mangroves?

Mangroves are extremely valuable for coastal ecosystems. They support coastal fisheries by acting as breeding grounds for juvenile fish. Their roots stabilize the shore, provide life-saving protection from the effects of hurricanes and trap pollutants within their sediment. Without mangroves, many coastal fishing areas and habitats would deteriorate.

Together we can 'Re-claim the Earth.'